I was very doubtful of looking at pups from this website. Such a large number of pup mills. But was wonderfully shocked and content with the one my husband ordered from this site. our sweet Moses has been absolutely astonishing in temperament and health. He's like a celebrity at a neighborhood town that we take him to on the weekends and he loves anybody and everybody he meets. Thank you for putting smiles on my face and my family! God Bless you
Rebecca S. Burdine
We have a good experience with our breeder, Johnson and Ruth Iman. They showed restraint toward every one of our inquiries. We were defrauded before from elsewhere, so we were furnished with a lot of questions, particularly buying from states away. We called on different occasions, they were consistently accessible or reacted ideal. We ordered and received Wally from this site finally, a smart Dalmatian puppy, day after Thanksgiving. And he continues doing well. Thanks again….
Nicholas Allen
We got Lola from this site and we're so cheerful and fortunate to have discovered her so speedy! Much thanks to you guys for a consistent method to get our new family member
Diana R. McClain
Wonderful experience. Our pup is an Angel, Thank You
Robert C. Kolodziej
We adopted Simon (re-named Ghost.) in February and could not be more happy with our experience. Highly recommend Amazing Dalmatian Puppies for their integrity and ease of doing business. Thanks again Michelle & family
Michelle Maclean
We purchased "Gypsy" back in October when she was 10 weeks old. She will be 7 months old in a few days. She is a lovely Dalmatian. Her health has been absolutely perfect so far. She has been a great dog socializing with other dogs and people as well! We are so glad we got her and thank you for such a great dog! 🐶🐾
Diane J. Espinosa
What a great experience. The breeder (Johnson I.) was awesome. My darling pup was healthy and happy when we picked her up. She is absolutely gorgeous. Johnson was very thorough and was available to answer any questions even after I took the pup home. There are so many scams, etc. today it gave us great peace of mind to purchase through a legitimate agency where the buyer is protected
Gail S. Oden
Thank you very much Amazing Dalmatian Puppies but I want to give special thanks to Johnson Iman the best breeder, you guys are the best and the puppy i ordered from you guys is doing perfectly well and very playful with my kids !!!!
Joel Reich
We love the excellent service you all gave us, I will strongly recommend you to anyone I know who needs a lovely and healthy puppy this year! You are the best!!!!! Thank you for providing a special delivery to our home
Susan J. Jewett